July wallpapers for your desktop

Dear readers, 
Wild Yogi magazine presents you yogic wallpapers for computer desktop
Appealig photos are a pleasure for your eye, calendar for the month is a helper in planning your schedule, quotations from philisophical texts are

Surreptitious Subway Yoga

Rush hour service. No available seats. No accessible pole or overhead rail. Hello classic subway slide-and-stumble.

And, it’s too crowded to whip out reading material. How can rush hour transform into something more productive than mentally reciting my “To Do” list as I bite my lower lip in agitation, or keeping a hyper-vigilant watch on the smelly guy picking his nose who is encroaching on my personal space?

Chinmaya Dunster`s new CD "Gaia`s Garden" 2012

Chinmaya Dunster was born in Kent, England in 1954. After attending Art College, he travelled through Afghanistan to India. There he heard a performance by the world-famous sarodist Amjad Ali Khan and instantly fell in love with the sarod (a nineteen-stringed, banjo-like Indian classical instrument.)

This is San Francisco

One girl yoga-teacher read a book Tantra Illuminated a lot. One day she woke up and discovered that she had a horse head. But it can't be helped and she have to teach a class. So she went like that...
The question is - why a horse head? Here we have double meaning, like in many Vedic scriptures. First, the traditional Dharma of women - to work for her husband, like a horse.

Canadian bhajans from South India

It wasn`t for nothing, after all, that I overpaid for a Sony recorder in one hot Thailand town. More than once it proved to be handy to enrich your musical outlook, my dear readers. Perhaps it will brighten up endless hours spent in traffic jams (which of course refers to the readers of big city`s, whose karma includes such vairagya-bringing phenomenon as everlasting traffic jams).

What is a bulb?

To change a bulb, the Iyengar yoga school practitioner uses two belts, one bolster, a flat brick, two hard bricks, four blankets and a stool.

In order to change the same bulb the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practitioner does three to five rounds of Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B, and jumping forward, haven`t not calculated the range of motion correctly, kicks the stool from under the Iyengar yogi and through full vinyasa goes into a handstand, trying to loosen the plafond with calloused toes.

Indians and Time

When you address an Indian with a request and in response you hear ‘All right, we`ll do it tomorrow’, you should know that you were politely refused, for TOMORROW never comes in this country.
Indeed, what do you expect from people in whose language ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ refer to the same word?