Indian documentary about Dhirendra Brahmachari and his "Sukshma Vyayama"

Perhaps the only one Indian documentary preserved to this day about Dhirendra Brahmachari and his "Sukshma Vyayama" system of dynamic exercises, published by his Swiss disciple Reinhard Gammenthaller.
We can see in the film Swami Dhirendra himself and his Indian students.

While in the 70s Swami Dhirendra performed yoga lessons on Indian TV - seems these records are lost. Maybe they were just on the air, or are erased.

Blue Eyes in Saffron Robes / documentary 1979

Blue Eyes in Saffron Robes (1979) An Irish documentary about buddhist monks of Western origin in Thai Forest Sangha (Theravada tradition of Buddhism).

Interviews with Ajan's (Heads of monastery) and young European monks.

World Yoga Survey by YogaTrail

YogaTrail (worldwide information base of yoga teachers, studios and workshops) is currently running a large survey about the demographics, habits, and motivations of yogis and yoga providers around the world. 
"What are yogis around the world up to? What are the most popular yoga styles? Where do people practice? What does yoga mean in your life?