The Rabbit Hole of Worry

“To be addicted is bad. It gives you a kind of dependency. And all addictions are bad…To me transcendence comes out of your experience. You see the futility of something and the addiction drops.” 
(~ Osho)

Most of us are addicted to something.
Emotional states, work, pleasure, pain, drugs, caffeine, nicotine, Facebook, food, gambling, lying, obsessing, stealing, shopping – even yoga can become an unhealthy addiction.

Heartful Om Namah Shivaya kirtan

Hemant Chauhan - popular bhajans singer from Indian state of Gujarat. I want to share with our readers this heartful and pretty long (40 min) kirtan, dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Song : Om Namah Shivaya
Album : Aum Namah Shivay  - Dhun
Artist : Hemant Chauhan

Temples in the Clouds - paragliding in Himalayas

"Temples in the Clouds" is a story of a challenging paragliding safari by Sir James Mallinson and Enrico Patuzzi in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas.
Both these friends, one from the UK and the other from Italy, are lovers of India and are fascinated by Hindu Mythology.

Simon Borg-Olivier (Australia) - videos from Moscow workshop

In june 2012 yoga-master from Australia Simon first time visited Russia and conducted workshop of author`s style "Yoga Synergy". Here Wild Yogi magazine readers could watch pretty long videos from this workshop and get to know this interesting style. Camera & edition by Mikhail Baranov.

Be happy today!

How often do we postpone a reason for happiness to another day (hour or even year) - to the time, when we think something will bring us happiness? How often do we dwell in nostalgic happy memories instead of enjoying the present moment as it is?
It happens much too often.