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Eduard Kushnir "Different Butterfly"

<div>This article is about ways of mastering and proper alignment of Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose.Eduard Kushnir teaches yoga in Kishinev (Moldova).</div>
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Eduard Kushnir​
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"Different Butterfly"
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<div>With endless gratitude to my teacher.</div>
<div>“In reality things are not as they seem”.
/Stanislaw Jerzy Lec/</div>...</div></div>

Interview with Gert van Leeuwen: "Critical Alignment Yoga"

<div><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/heart/e-gert_on_yoga-03-listen.jpg" />Gert van Leeuwen (Amsterdam) over the last 35 years has been working on a new style of yoga, which he calls "Critical Alignment Yoga". Two years ago, he published in the Netherlands four hundred page book on his method.</div><div> </div>
<div>When 16-year old Gert van Leeuwen worked as the receptionist for a nursing...</div>

Simon Borg-Olivier "How to Backband Un-injuriously, and a way to relieve a back pain in general"

Simon Borg-OlivierHow to Backband Un-injuriously, and a way to relieve a back pain in general
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<div>With unpretentious "infographic" and a selection of photos show us the steps of performing backbends that will help you to involve the most rigid part of the back for most people - between T10 and L4. As well as to use in bending forward the area of the vertebrae L5-S1, where most...</div></div>

Mikhail Baranov: "Karana-Krama as a Standard of Movement in Hatha-Yoga"

<div><div><img alt="1939333_851712078176030_374438610_o" class="alignnone wp-image-351" src="/sites/default/files/mahaihos/1939333_851712078176030_374438610_o-1024x682.jpg" /></div>
<div>Karana Krama as part of the practice of hatha yoga has nothing to do with the aesthetics of Indian dance and the practice of martial arts, but the basic movements are borrowed from preparatory techniques of ...</div></div>

Tatyana Turaeva "Bikram Yoga – take care of your heart!"

<div><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/large_turaeva3edit.jpg" /><div>Tayana Turaeva is a certified instructor, she teaches yoga since 2008. To further deepen her knowledge she took a course of lectures “Anatomy and physiology”. She has an experience of teaching in groups and individual programs, including for those who have problems with the spine. In her yoga practice she includes elements...</div></div>

Simon Borg-Olivier "Making Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) the best posture ever"

<div>Utthita trikonasana is often taught as simple posture but it can be confusing to beginners and even teachers. If done incorrectly it can be at best ineffective and at worse dangerous for your knees and lower back. In this article we present instructions that make your body ‘Firm but calm’ (sthira sukham asanam) and while creating strength without tension and flexibility without painful...</div>

Artem Frolov "Yoga therapy of the spine. Traction techniques."

<div>Traction techniques play an important role in yoga therapy of spine disorders, especially of intervertebral herniation. The term of “traction” means the process of stretching or impacting the spine (or a separate segment of musculoskeletal apparatus) by means of two forces acting in opposite directions. Those forces can be: a force of gravity, muscular force of the patient or an external...</div>

Alexey Kiselev "Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms. The movement of a shoulder"

<div>This is the second part of the article "Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms." Please read the first part here.</div><div> </div>
Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms. The movement of a shoulder
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Alexey Kiselev
Kinesiology movements
<div>Coordinate planes and axes</div>
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<div>Picture Planes</div>
<div><img src="/sites/default/files/image011.gif" />...</div>

Alexey Kiselev "Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms. The anatomy of a shoulder joint"

Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms<div> </div>
Introduction: The evolution of asanas
<div>An ancient text about yoga – “The Patanjali Yoga Sutras” (dated, according to various sources from 3 000 B.C. to 4 00 A.D.) does not talk much about asanas. In the 2-29 sutra asanas are mentioned as one on the eight steps of development on the path of yoga. And the 2-46 sutra gives a definition «sthira-...</div>

Olga Sutikova, Yaroslav Tokarev: "Psychophysiology of meditation"

<div>​Though the essence of all living beings is identical in the face of the Absolute, but true individuality of each creation and the way inherent only to it demand a variety of ways for comprehension…</div><div> </div>
<div>For the last one hundred years a considerable quantity of Eastern self-knowledge techniques has been opened for the West. However an obvious difference in perception of the...</div>