Andrey Golovinov, Sergey Narozhny: "Milk and Dairies. Wisdom of Ayurveda"

<div><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/golovinov_sm.jpg" />Andrey Golovinov (Kazakhstan) studied Ayurveda since 1994. Disciple of Vaydya Vachaspati Gauri Lal Chanana, founder of Ayurvedic school Bheshaja Bhavan in New Delhi, since 2002. Studied yoga-therapy in B.K.S. Iyengar tradition in Mayapur, India, 2003. Completed half-year course of Panchakarma methods in Ayurvedic College of Trivandrum...</div>

Tatyana Turaeva "Bikram Yoga – take care of your heart!"

<div><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/large_turaeva3edit.jpg" /><div>Tayana Turaeva is a certified instructor, she teaches yoga since 2008. To further deepen her knowledge she took a course of lectures “Anatomy and physiology”. She has an experience of teaching in groups and individual programs, including for those who have problems with the spine. In her yoga practice she includes elements...</div></div>