Initiation in Veera Shaiva Sampradaya in Gokarna (Karnataka, India) 24-25 march 2019

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Initiation in Veera Shaiva Sampradaya with Jagatguru Shri Chandrashekhara Mahaswamiji (head of Jangamvadi Math, Varanasi) in Gokarna, Karnataka, 24-25 march 2019


Veera Shaiva Sampradaya  - one of main traditional schools of Shaivism in India. Main ashram - Jangamvadi Math in Varanasi. Westerners who are ready for serious practice of Shaivism could be initiated completely (by the same way as Indians). After initiation practicioner will recieve mantra, knowledge of Shiva puja and Drishti yoga (concentration practice) - for personal daily practice. You need to be vegetarian to join this Sampradaya and perform practices. No any particular price need - only donation accepted. For Veera Shaiva sampradaya caste or ethnicity of practicioner does not matter, men and women have equal rights.

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INTERVIEW with Shri 1008 Jagadguru Chandrashekhara Shivacharya Mahaswamiji



Drishti-yoga - one of sadhanas of Veera-Shaivism