Artem Frolov "Yoga therapy of the spine. Traction techniques."

<div>Traction techniques play an important role in yoga therapy of spine disorders, especially of intervertebral herniation. The term of “traction” means the process of stretching or impacting the spine (or a separate segment of musculoskeletal apparatus) by means of two forces acting in opposite directions. Those forces can be: a force of gravity, muscular force of the patient or an external...</div>

Rampuri Baba "Westerners are constructing their own yoga and tantra"

<div><div>Rampuri Baba, born William A. Gans (July 14, 1950), an American expatriate, has lived in India since 1970, when be became a Naga Sadhu (a Hindu monk of Naga tradition). He became the first foreigner initiated into ancient order of Naga Sannyasis. He is the author of the 2010 book Autobiography of a Sadhu: A Journey into Mystic India, (originally published in 2005 as Baba: Autobiography...</div></div>

Alexey Kiselev "Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms. The movement of a shoulder"

<div>This is the second part of the article "Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms." Please read the first part here.</div><div> </div>
Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms. The movement of a shoulder
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Alexey Kiselev
Kinesiology movements
<div>Coordinate planes and axes</div>
<div> </div>
<div>Picture Planes</div>
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Alexey Kiselev "Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms. The anatomy of a shoulder joint"

Methods of Universal Yoga for the arms<div> </div>
Introduction: The evolution of asanas
<div>An ancient text about yoga – “The Patanjali Yoga Sutras” (dated, according to various sources from 3 000 B.C. to 4 00 A.D.) does not talk much about asanas. In the 2-29 sutra asanas are mentioned as one on the eight steps of development on the path of yoga. And the 2-46 sutra gives a definition «sthira-...</div>

Olga Sutikova, Yaroslav Tokarev: "Psychophysiology of meditation"

<div>​Though the essence of all living beings is identical in the face of the Absolute, but true individuality of each creation and the way inherent only to it demand a variety of ways for comprehension…</div><div> </div>
<div>For the last one hundred years a considerable quantity of Eastern self-knowledge techniques has been opened for the West. However an obvious difference in perception of the...</div>

M. Baranov: "Marijuana-pranayama. All that you want to know about bhastrika, but was shy to ask about."

<div>In 1998 in Moscow during one seminar one yoga teacher, quite famous nowdays, but that time hardly anyone had heard about him, announced on his first class that he was going to teach one “secret Hindu technique, that gets you high as a good grass” but without bad influence on brain cells and liver – “and no addiction!” At the end of an intensive class fully devoted to asanas, someone...</div>

Interview with Mukti, Michael Buck: "Thai massage - a sacred art or improvisation"

Ilya Zhuravlev 
"Thai massage - a sacred art or improvisation?"
Interview with Mukti, Michael Buck
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<img alt="Michael buck headshot" src="http://wildyogi.info/sites/default/files/michael_buck_headshot.jpg&quot; title="michael_buck_headshot.jpg" />
How do you describe the art that you are teaching? You told me that it is not just one of the schools of Thai massage but something more than...

Healthy and simple: Salad “Union of Contrast”

<div>Here I'm going to share with you my recent finding - recipe of the healthy, ballanced and tasty dish. Meet the salad "Union of contrast" made from red beet and avocado. The recipe is extremely simple so I'm going to spice it up with some details on history and healthy qulities of these products.
Olga Sydorenko
“Union of contrast”
Let's begin with history.
Red beet

August 2013

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Artem Frolov: “Conch gesture” (shank prakshalana). Implementation and effects

<div>Some authors compare a human with a plant growing in a pot, and the pot being- colon. Health and well-being of a plant very much depend on the soil condition.</div><div>The statement is largely true. In any case, in recent years, physiology and clinical medicine has been giving increasing importance to the correct operation of the intestine, and draws parallels between many diseases and the...</div>