film "India Trip" directed by Kartazon Dream (2014) English version.

The film "India Trip" tells about the culture and life in India. In the film took part Rampuri Baba, an American-born sadhu in the ancient tradition of naga babas, author of the book "The Biography of a blue-eyed yogi", and yoga teacher from Varanasi Rakesh Pandey. Genre of film can be defined as a film-meditation, contemplation, this is a fully independent personal project, the shooting which occurred within three years and culminated in the Kumbh Mela in 2010
Including: Baba Rampuri, Rakesh Pandey, Surya Baba, Aghora Baba from Varanasi, Fire-Show (Dance of Death) by Julia Pavlova

author and director: Kartazon Dream  (Moscow, Russia, 2014)

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