Anthony Grim Hall - Festival Report: Back from the Yoga Rainbow Festival

Anthony Grim Hall (London): "I first started practicing yoga in 2007 as a way of dealing with the anger of having my house burgled. I was in my mid forties over weight and not very flexible. I learnt through Ashtanga books from the local Library, and later from videos. I started a blog in 2008, Krishnamacharya Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama yoga at home, to share my home practice. Over the years the blog has become more historical and particularly an investigation, both in theory and practice of Krishnamacharya’s teaching.

Fear and Loathing in Karur

In the distant already 2001, preparing to my first trip to India, I came across one Russian website aimed to help backpackers. It was Achababa’s site and on its front page there was a quotation of one Russian hippie: "And then the mother-India took me whole".
This short phrase says a lot.

Yoga Dudes for Movember

Yoga means ‘union’, and this November the Global Yoga Community is coming together to promote men’s health and get more guys into yoga with the “Yoga Dudes for Movember” photo contest.
Yoga is a great way to take care of one’s health. Millions of radiant yogis are testimonials to the wonders of a regular yoga practice.