Tits & Ass in a Mala: Yoga in the Media

I’m getting really tired of seeing half-naked women in yoga magazines and on yoga web sites.
The images themselves are of young white women. They are depicted in the nude, topless, or in underwear. Their lips are pouting, their eyes are empty. They may be in an asana that requires strength and flexibility, but the expression on their face is often soft, blank, and pleading. Sometimes, they are just draped within the image, eyes closed.


Yoga is a labour

 A real yogi has no problems, the only that he has are affects that arise from time to time and disappear.
Let’s take work, for example. A real yogi should not work because it is sadhana that is his job (and it’s clear enough that he should get offerings for that).
But nobody pays for sadhana. And what should a real yogi do when he gets a toothache? It means that he is not a real yogi.

Bhakti Pop Art by Pan Trinity Das

Canadian artist Pan Trinity Das has spent over a decade experimenting with a variety of different styles of art including: Abstract, Figurative, Landscape, Psychedelic, Portrait, Mandala, and Yoga-inspired. He has explored through many types of media, specifically Paint, Tattoo, Silk Screen, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Carpentry, Sculpture, Photography, and Industrial Metal.

What You Know May Kill You

As defined by the World Health Organization’s Constitutional Preamble, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

I’ll subscribe to that definition. Our health is comprised of a complex interaction of biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors. But how is balance of these variables, which are constantly in flux, established and maintained?

Amazing bhajans from Europe

Namaste my brilliant yogis & yoginis! Today let me introduce you few amazing bhajan singers not well known in mainstream (thats why videos are amateur) but really spiritually powerful!
Moti Ma from Germany. motima108.net
Turkantam from France.

November update for your desktop

On November nature finally changed its appearance into winter one. And we made a kind of new format of desktop wallpapers. This time we present you authentic Russian wild yoga :)