Alexey Pivovarov "Yoga no need"

In the minds of most people there is a certain vision of saints as some ideal people who don’t possess any of the weaknesses that other people have. But when you get a chance to live with actual saints you start to realize that in some way they are still a bit like regular people. The difference appears when you stop judging them from the point of view of general morale. But if you look through a...

Alexander Smirkin "Krishnamacharya: Life and Legend, Facts and Fabrications"

Shortly before the Breath of the Gods premiere, a documentary about Krishnamacharya, we have interviewed Alexander Smirkin, who teaches Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Prana Ashtanga Yoga School (Moscow). He has been one of the Russian translation team of this film. Having studied the history of this method for a long time, he has concluded that many events described in...

Varvara Gorbash "How to Become a Goddess from the Island of Bali"

Girls have developed a very advanced goddess syndrome here. Instagram is oh so full of beautiful, highly spiritual female social networkers. So they tend to pose in front of the ocean and romantically look into the sunset. They have green smoothies in their hands, and there is a caption about love of the world or for followers, or of esoteric something… You can find them in other places...

Eduard Kushnir "Different Butterfly"

This article is about ways of mastering and proper alignment of Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose.Eduard Kushnir teaches yoga in Kishinev (Moldova).
Eduard Kushnir​
"Different Butterfly"
With endless gratitude to my teacher.
“In reality things are not as they seem”. /Stanislaw Jerzy Lec/

Interview with Gert van Leeuwen: "Critical Alignment Yoga"

Gert van Leeuwen (Amsterdam) over the last 35 years has been working on a new style of yoga, which he calls "Critical Alignment Yoga". Two years ago, he published in the Netherlands four hundred page book on his method.
When 16-year old Gert van Leeuwen worked as the receptionist for a nursing...