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Yoga was born in India thousands of years ago, it is a powerful system of spiritual and physical self-improvement; today it became popular all over the world. Great yoga teachers said that this science belongs to all humanity. According to the insights of sages in ancient India, each one of us is Atman – a soul, and that means yoga lives in all of us, because it is a way of discovering your soul. And it does not matter where exactly on our planet we were born and where we live.

Our creative team practice yoga for a long time, and we consider it an important part of our lives. Many of our authors are professional yoga teachers. Our willingness to share our ideas and information, our desire to tell others about interesting people and events in the world of yoga, and, finally, just an urge for creative self-expression have brought us to making this magazine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

After I got a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the Russian State Humanitarian University, I started teaching yoga, visiting India and spending a lot of time there.


Studied at Jazz College “Zamoskvorechye” (bass-guitar). Took interest in yoga in 1995 and attended yoga-seminars of Andrey Sidersky (Kiev), and training courses, seminars and regular classes of other teachers. Authorship of numerous instructional video programmes on hatha yoga practice since 2004.