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With proceeds going to the registered charity Karuna Reunion

Yoga means ‘union’, and this November the Global Yoga Community is coming together to promote men’s health and get more guys into yoga with the “Yoga Dudes for Movember” photo contest.

On November nature finally changed its appearance into winter one. And we made a kind of new format of desktop wallpapers. This time we present you authentic Russian wild yoga :)

Wild Yogi magazine & Yoga108 Center  invited international traveling teacher Danny Paradise (USA) with his "Yoga and Shamanism" workshop in Moscow, which is going to take plase this weekend.

Dear readers, 
In the new month we prepared new yogic wallpapers for your computer desktop.
Enjoy inspiring beauty of yoga, plan your month, and may it be fortunate for you!

How often do we postpone a reason for happiness to another day (hour or even year) - to the time, when we think something will bring us happiness? How often do we dwell in nostalgic happy memories instead of enjoying the present moment as it is?

Dear readers, 
Wild Yogi magazine presents you yogic wallpapers for computer desktop

Appealig photos are a pleasure for your eye, calendar for the month is a helper in planning your schedule, quotations from philisophical texts are enrichments for your thoughts :)

One girl yoga-teacher read a book Tantra Illuminated a lot. One day she woke up and discovered that she had a horse head. But it can't be helped and she have to teach a class. So she went like that...

The question is - why a horse head? Here we have double meaning, like in many Vedic scriptures. First, the traditional Dharma of women - to work for her husband, like a horse.