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This is San Francisco

city of the disco

One girl yoga-teacher read a book Tantra Illuminated a lot. One day she woke up and discovered that she had a horse head. But it can't be helped and she have to teach a class. So she went like that...

The question is - why a horse head? Here we have double meaning, like in many Vedic scriptures. First, the traditional Dharma of women - to work for her husband, like a horse. Second, Lord Vishnu as protector of knowledge and studying manifested himself in the form of Hayagriva, God with horse head.

The history about a girl yoga-teacher with cock head does not belong to the Vedic wisdom, but to the left-hand Tantra, and can't  be narrated to persons who haven't got certain initiation...

Photo of charming K.K. Ledford, Anusara yoga teacher from San Francisco
KK Ledford