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The interest in Eastern traditions for some us can be a fad, like the yoga fad. But on another level, I think, people are interested in Bhakti, because people’s hearts and people’s emotions need an expression, and they need connection with the spirit. 

Krishna Das: I don’t like labels of any kind, I`m a wild yogi. I don`t like being told if I do this practice then I`ll get the mercy of God, if I do this practice then I`ll get blessings, if I do this - I`ll remove all obstacles. 

Muttuswami Dikshitar (1775-1835) was a Tamil poet and composer in the Carnatic style (South Indian traditional music style), born near Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu, studied with his father the Vedas, music and Jotish (Vedic astrolgy).

Bhajans by Andrey Omkar (Moscow) on Itunes and Google play


" Nectar kirtans" Couple of soulful Vaishnava kirtans (one hour each) will warm you in the cold!
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Brahmi Om (Katerina Shрileva) - mantras singer from Moscow, Russia. Music by Ivan Korn.

The 7th BaliSpirit Festival:

A Global Celebration of Yoga Dance Music


Aum Saraswatae & Knockin on heaven's door & Aum Namah Shivaya

Live in St.Petersburg, Russia, 2013

Full recording of kirtan in Yoga108 center (Moscow, Russia). Artists: Andrey OmkarBrahmi Om, Vishvarup (Kolkatta, India).