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Bhajans flying over the Earth! Free mp3 download.

Hi friends, i`m Mahdev108 and we start our first audio podcast Wild Yogi Radio. The idea of these podcasts is to introduce to our friends some interesting recordings - bhajans, mantras, and simply extraordinary and funny music. 

VIA108 (Vayu Ishvara Ansamble):
Mikhail Baranov
, yogateacher from Moscow - vocal
Nik Skvortsov - guitar, sound, Peter Glavatskih - percussion

Full recording of kirtan in Yoga108 center (Moscow, Russia). Artists: Andrey OmkarBrahmi Om, Vishvarup (Kolkatta, India). September 2013.

Wonderful Yoga-Rainbow Festival evening with Marcus Felsner, who sings great Goa songs and bhajans for us. Morjim, Goa, India, jan 2012. Download free mp3 live album! (for English users of narod.ru filehosting - put the numbers and press an oval green button)