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Bhagavad Gita (Bhagavad-gita, or simply “Gita”; Skt. भगवद्‌ गीता, Bhagavad Gītā IAST “Song of the Lord”) is a monument of ancient Indian religious and philosophical thought in Sanskrit, part of the sixth book of the Mahabharata (Bhismapapva, chapters 23-40) consists of 18 chapters and 700 verses. One of the basic texts of Hindu philosophy.

On February 21, 2020, on the day of Mahashivaratri, in the suburbs of New York, Tao Porchon-Lynch, one of the oldest Western women-yoga teacher, passed away at the age of 101.

Muttuswami Dikshitar (1775-1835) was a Tamil poet and composer in the Carnatic style (South Indian traditional music style), born near Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu, studied with his father the Vedas, music and Jotish (Vedic astrolgy).

Here you can download for free Sanskrit-English translation of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. This book by Gita Press, Gorakhpur city, costs only 6 rupees. Its recommended y Yogiraj Shri Shailedra Sharma (Lahiri Mahasai Kriya Yoga lineage) as "simple and clear English translation of Gita without any commentaries"

Initiation in Veera Shaiva Sampradaya with Jagatguru Shri Chandrashekhara Mahaswamiji (head of Jangamvadi Math, Varanasi) in Gokarna, Karnataka, 24-25 march 2019

Master class "Bandhas in asanas" on annual Yoga-Rainbow Festival (Cirali, Turkey) 2013

"Mysore 1978" - an interview with Mark Darby

Happy Mahashivaratri! This year its night from 13 to 14 feb (2018)

Bhajans by Andrey Omkar (Moscow) on Itunes and Google play

The moment has arrived! The film Mysore Yoga Traditions is now available for purchase worldwide. It has been a beautiful and very educational experience making this film. We all feel that this is an unprecedented film which gives a deep perspective on the history and philosophy of Yoga in Mysore and which will be informative for yoga practitioners around the world. So much gratitude to my teacher Sri BNS Iyengar! This film is made in honor of his 90th birthday.

Beatiful "mind Infographic" postcards of Ally Spacecat from Barcelona. Soon you can order T-Shirts with these pics also (and yantras on the back side). www.space.cat