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Dear readers, 
In the new month Wild Yogi magazine carries on presenting yogic wallpapers for your computer desktop.

Enjoy inspiring beauty of yoga, wisdom of sacred Bhagavad Gita text and plan your new accomplishments.

According to the core Tantric philosophy of Spanda, the ‘Vibration’ of Divine Consciousness manifests as the whole universe, including the physical and subtle bodies of every human being. Tantra teaches us that there is a unifying continuity between our physical bodies, the activities of our mind and emotions, and all forms of interior awareness.

In june 2012 yoga-master from Australia Simon first time visited Russia and conducted workshop of author`s style "Yoga Synergy". Here Wild Yogi magazine readers could watch pretty long videos from this workshop and get to know this interesting style. Camera & edition by Mikhail Baranov.

How often do we postpone a reason for happiness to another day (hour or even year) - to the time, when we think something will bring us happiness? How often do we dwell in nostalgic happy memories instead of enjoying the present moment as it is?

Dear readers, 
Wild Yogi magazine presents you yogic wallpapers for computer desktop

Appealig photos are a pleasure for your eye, calendar for the month is a helper in planning your schedule, quotations from philisophical texts are enrichments for your thoughts :)

Rush hour service. No available seats. No accessible pole or overhead rail. Hello classic subway slide-and-stumble.

And, it’s too crowded to whip out reading material. How can rush hour transform into something more productive than mentally reciting my “To Do” list as I bite my lower lip in agitation, or keeping a hyper-vigilant watch on the smelly guy picking his nose who is encroaching on my personal space?

Chinmaya Dunster was born in Kent, England in 1954. After attending Art College, he travelled through Afghanistan to India. There he heard a performance by the world-famous sarodist Amjad Ali Khan and instantly fell in love with the sarod (a nineteen-stringed, banjo-like Indian classical instrument.)

The story of Suzanne Morrison's autobiographical novel is simple.

The main character meets yoga teacher Indra and falls in love with her. For Suzanne Indra is inaccessible ideal of a dream woman. In fact, at first Indra has everything: thick silky hair, large eyes, flexible spine, ethnic trinkets and yogi lover.

We continiue our programm "Free Kirtan Worldwide". New bhajans from yogini and jewelry artist Samia Shalabi (Canada)

Composer Claude Debussy, in his infinite wisdom, boldly stated "the music is the space between the notes.” This space is the moment in time between the thought of an action to produce the sound and the sound itself. It is the musical sweet spot.