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Chinmaya Dunster`s new CD "Gaia`s Garden" 2012

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Ilya Zhuravlev

Chinmaya Dunster was born in Kent, England in 1954. After attending Art College, he travelled through Afghanistan to India. There he heard a performance by the world-famous sarodist Amjad Ali Khan and instantly fell in love with the sarod (a nineteen-stringed, banjo-like Indian classical instrument.)

Three years later, while teaching art at a school in London, he became a student of Amjad Ali Khan’s leading disciple. Chinmaya dedicated the next thirteen years to the study of Indian classical music on the sarod, both in London and at the Osho Commune in Pune, India. Nowdays he lives in Goa.

 Since 1990 Chinmaya has released 13 CDs.

(Ilya: my favorite albums are "Lands of the Down" 1996, and "Celtic Ragas" 1998. Somebody gave me "Lands of the Down" CD at the late 90s. I was very impressed by the  melodiousness. I dare say such musicians are Gandharvas incarnated in human bodies. They hang out on the Earth sometimes and then go back to Deva Loka)

The new Dunster`s album "Gaia`s Garden" (Gaia was the Goddess or personification of Earth in ancient Greek religion) is just released on New Earth Records and available on Itunes and Amazon. 

The CD features performances some of Karunesh, Govi, Yair Dalal, Manish Vyas, Anand Richa and many more.

Chinmaya Dunster website