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About project

Independent online magazine Wild Yogi dedicated to different styles of yoga, spiritual practice, self-development and healthy way of life Founders of this project are Ilya Zhuravlev (Editor-in-Chief) and Maxim Yasochka (Co-editor, Producer of Wild Yogi Magazine in 2010-2021).

First issue was published in november 2010.   

Since 2021 Wild Yogi Team are Ilya Zhuravlev (Editor-in-Chief) and Mikhail Baranov (Co-Editor)

Our creative team practice yoga for a long time, and we consider it an important part of our lives. Many of our authors are professional yoga teachers.    

We define our magazine as “a magazine about Yoga for an intelligent reader”. In the first place, it will attract those for whom yoga is not just a popular kind of fitness, but a profound and interesting system of body and consciousness development. More about concept of magazine you can read in Editorial article.       

Articles, interviews, photo and video materials interesting from the editorial point of view can be accepted for publication from volunteers, and published along with their contact info and links to their Web resources (if desired). You are welcome if you have something interesting to say, which perhaps does not fit into the “modern yogic mainstream”.  

When citing materials from the magazine, attribution is necessary (give the title of the magazine Wild Yogi and a working web link to wildyogi.info).

Information on opportunities for advertisement and banners placement is available here.

Om Namah Shivaya