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Ilya Zhuravlev: Editorial

Namaste, beloved yogis and yoginis of our Planet!

Let us present you a new online magazine Wild Yogi, dedicated to different styles of yoga, spiritual practice, self-development and healthy way of life.

 What happens when you hear this title – Wild Yogi? Those familiar with the Indian culture might imagine a hаlf-naked sadhu coated with ashes, a roving ascetic, with an impressive trishula (trident) in his hands. This can seem strange to the modern buyer of yoga mats, props and fashionable yoga clothes. But, most likely, this is how yogis looked when the texts that are sometimes recited by educated westerners familiar with yoga practice were written.

We’ve decided to make Wild Yogi a source of alternative information in the midst of various "yoga brands" converting yoga into a glamorous fitness industry. We want a thinking person to have more things to read about yoga and some things to see – other than Photoshopped girls in white leotards, diligently performing yoga postures among all sorts of cosmetic ads.

Yoga was born in India thousands of years ago, it is a powerful system of spiritual and physical self-improvement; today it became popular all over the world. Great yoga teachers said that this science belongs to all humanity. According to the insights of sages in ancient India, each one of us is Atman – a soul, and that means yoga lives in all of us, because it is a way of discovering your soul. And it does not matter where exactly on our planet we were born and where we live. Our creative team practice yoga for a long time, and we consider it an important part of our lives. Many of our authors are professional yoga teachers. Our willingness to share our ideas and information, our desire to tell others about interesting people and events in the world of yoga, and, finally, just an urge for creative self-expression have brought us to making this magazine.

We define our magazine as “a magazine about Yoga for an intelligent reader”. In the first place, it will attract those for whom yoga is not just a popular kind of fitness, but a profound and interesting system of body and consciousness development.

 “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,” wrote Sir Rudyard Kipling in “The Ballad of East and West” (1889). But is it true? We think it’s possible to preserve and even to multiply the rich heritage of the traditional yoga in the West. The world changes, and so does the history of yoga, which comes to stay in different parts of the world. All of us who practice and teach yoga also create this history.

We invite authors, practitioners and yoga teachers to cooperate with us on the volunteer basis. You are welcome if you have something interesting to say, which perhaps does not fit into the “modern yogic mainstream”. With our magazine, we invite you to accompany us in this fascinating journey.

Best regards, 

Ilya Zhuravlev, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Maxim Yasochka, Co-Founder, Co-editor, Producer (2010 - 2021)
Mikhail Baranov  Co-editor