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Traction techniques play an important role in yoga therapy of spine disorders, especially of intervertebral herniation. The term of “traction” means the process of stretching or impacting the spine (or a separate segment of musculoskeletal apparatus) by means of two forces acting in opposite directions. 

The method of Universal Yoga by Andrey Lappa offers a variety of asanas for the arms, which included in the regular practice can restore the balance in the body. If one includes these asanas in his practice the feeling of development throughout the body will become more even after such practice.

Some authors compare a human with a plant growing in a pot, and the pot being- colon. Health and well-being of a plant very much depend on the soil condition.

All the vessels in our circulation system are arranged in somewhat the same and somewhat completely different way. Common for all the vessels is the fact that the vascular wall consists of three layers: an outer connective layer, delimiting the vessel from surrounding tissues and providing elasticity of the vessel, a middle layer, muscular, that allows the vessel to contract and relax, changing its tone and diameter, and inner endothelium, which plays an important role in permeability of the vascular wall and its interaction with blood cells.

In the ultimate sense, the goal of yoga (which means union) is the realisation that the individual consciousness is one with universal consciousness. This is a very lofty goal for most of us. A more achievable goal in the short term is to maximise communications between the brain and the body through yoga practice. To make your yoga as effective as possible, it helps to understand the anatomy of what you are trying to achieve and what yoga can do.

The wrist consists of eight bones, arranged in two adjacent rows. The lower row bones are connected with the metacarpal bones and the upper row bones are connected with the forearm bones, respectively, thus forming the wrist joint, surrounded by a complex ligament apparatus. The main function of the joint is adduction (palm up) and abduction (palm down) as well as flexion and extension of a wrist up and down.

There are times in a life of a woman, when she has to fulfill the mission entrusted to her by nature. And as a conscious being, she has to perform it with utmost responsibility.

Work of a human body is subordinated to a set of internal rhythms - vividly displayed and latent, dependent on time of the day and change of the seasons, diet and sleeping. Our body represents the most complicated mechanism: lots of big and tiny pendulums are continuously moving, being connected with each other, having continuous mutual influence. 

Scoliosis is a frontal curvature of spine that, depending on its gravity, considerably restricts the mobility of vertebral disks, causes deformation of vertebral bodies and frank asymmetry of the body

Commonly, yoga practitioners, as well as most people, start paying serious attention to their spine only after a visit to a radiotherapist. Mesmerized by the X-ray pictures of their necks, they quizzically palpate them and learn a lot of new and frightening expressions, like protrusion, spondylosis, osteochondrosis… Moreover, they start intimidating their mums, dads and pals with these words. Here are some simple measures that won’t let such cases to dilute your yogic serenity.