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Master class "Bandhas in asanas" on annual Yoga-Rainbow Festival (Cirali, Turkey) 2013

"Mysore 1978" - an interview with Mark Darby

Anthony Grim Hall talks about original Ashtanga vinyasa sequence according Shri T. Krishnamacharya book "Yogasanagalu" (1941) - in slow mood, with kumbhakas and long time in asanas (10-15 min).

In 2010 I attended Srivatsa Ramaswami’s ( Krishnamacharya’s student for 33 years) Vinyasa krama teacher training course. In 2011 I Self-Published a book, The Complete Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book aimed at developing a home Vinyasa yoga practice.

Weekend passed rapidly owing to the conference of Yoga Journal, which took place on September in Moscow.

In june 2012 yoga-master from Australia Simon first time visited Russia and conducted workshop of author`s style "Yoga Synergy". Here Wild Yogi magazine readers could watch pretty long videos from this workshop and get to know this interesting style. Camera & edition by Mikhail Baranov.