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Amazing singer Fantuzzi (Puerto Rico, USA) performs bhajans and reggae concert (more than 2 hours)!

Namaste my brilliant yogis & yoginis! Today let me introduce you few amazing bhajan singers not well known in mainstream (thats why videos are amateur) but really spiritually powerful!

Hemant Chauhan - popular bhajans singer from Indian state of Gujarat. I want to share with our readers this heartful and pretty long (40 min) kirtan, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Chinmaya Dunster was born in Kent, England in 1954. After attending Art College, he travelled through Afghanistan to India. There he heard a performance by the world-famous sarodist Amjad Ali Khan and instantly fell in love with the sarod (a nineteen-stringed, banjo-like Indian classical instrument.)

We continiue our programm "Free Kirtan Worldwide". New bhajans from yogini and jewelry artist Samia Shalabi (Canada)

Composer Claude Debussy, in his infinite wisdom, boldly stated "the music is the space between the notes.” This space is the moment in time between the thought of an action to produce the sound and the sound itself. It is the musical sweet spot.

Hanuman-chalisa is known by heart by many ordinary Indians, it was performed by various Indian singers, such as the recently deceased ‘classical voice of Indian radio’ Hari Om Sharan, Anup Jalota, Tamil singer Subbulakshmi and others. The West came to know it through such legends of American kirtan as Krishna Das and Jai Uttal.

However, the song filled with the spirit of bhakti, love of the Deity and the divine, doesn`t focus on professionalism, but on emotions.

Hi friends! I am Mahadev108, and you're listening to a 5-th podcast of Wild Yogi Radio. India attracts like a drug,  like qrazy and yet mysterious Planet, and there are only two types of people - who visited it once and said - "never again" and who begins to travel every year, more and more dropping out from the usual common man Matrix. Even if the first visit was to Goa, which seems not very authentic India, but rather noisy and an overprised tourist place, anyway "the magic ball began to roll".

Namaste my dear friends, Mahadev 108 with you, and you listerning the 4th podcast  Wild Yogi Radio. Now im writing tihis script in the southern Indian state Tamil Nadu, and here is time of Pungal festival, traditional harvest selebration. and in all the villages people put speakers on the streets and all day and night loudly playing bhajans - for Ganesha, Shiva, Ayappa and godess Mariamann - local village female godess similar to Kali...

Listern to 3rd English podcast of Wild Yogi Radio. Songs of life, songs of the Eternal. About an Eternal, about Higher - and what else to sing? Parameswara - one of the names of Shiva, which means Lord (Iswara) who is above all. Listern to bhajans about Shiva, Krishna and Mata Kali. Free download.