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Varvara Gorbash "How to Become a Goddess from the Island of Bali"

Girls have developed a very advanced goddess syndrome here. Instagram is oh so full of beautiful, highly spiritual female social networkers. So they tend to pose in front of the ocean and romantically look into the sunset. They have green smoothies in their hands, and there is a caption about love of the world or for followers, or of esoteric something…

You can find them in other places either, but this one teems with females living with this goddess syndrome in here.

Now I’ll tell you how to create impression of the social networks goddess, even if in your real life you smoke, drink (something stronger than smoothies), eat chips, take burgers with cola, punctuate your speech by nasty language, and, most importantly, your hobby and the source of wisdom is the social network feed.

By the way, it is not necessary to live on the island: the key is to intensively take pictures during a couple of weeks you stay there, and then share these photos one by one for six months. In your status bar, write coquettishly, “I live between Bali and ...” (here you can choose to write down a real city, e.g. Barcelona or Rome. Or any other city where you have been to at least a couple of times).


It must be anything but simple and trivial! Only mystic or sacral, or both. Several similar kinds of occupation at once are possible. Keywords: natural, spiritual, art, reiki, mandala, chakra, healing, therapy, shaman, sacred, wild child and so on. Give it a stir, and here we get, for example, the spiritual art healer. It is no biggies, right? Let’s write it down into the status bar! 

You can just be a Divine Goddess. Or a Heavenlike Goddess.

It is not even necessary to translate into Russian. Actually, you do not have to do what it says. And, yes, you can have a very vague idea of what it is. All the same, your subscribers cannot make head or tail of it. They subscribe to see the pictures of your beautiful magical life.


Creativity is necessary! Do not know how to draw or play music? Not a problem! Give your work some flow! Flow painting will help you! Take all the colors and start to connect with the Cosmos! Apply the paint on the canvas with the whole body—more contact with the Creativity this way! Then, take a photo of yourself as beautiful and covered head to toe in the paint as you are, and share it to your Instagram!

Remember that any step you take should end up with the post to your Instagram…
Conversely, post something within the process and into the stories. Alternatively, have a live broadcast.
Moreover, do not forget to write about the spiritual and the sacred. And the Creativity. And the Art. In addition, how do you love the world and your followers?…
Why do not you create your paintings in your undies, or free-beefing, or completely without underpants?

Oh, it is your loss! For example, she sells her canvases at $2.5K each.

There are some more mundane occupations such as the design of clothes and bling-blings, for example. Moreover, there are also such things as these singing bowls, mandala drawings, musical and physical improvisation performances, and tribal dances of unknown tribes ... There are oh so many options! 


Slender. You must be very slim and fit. As a model. Without options. No curvy. No very strong athletic bodies. That is, it is important to look like a socially accepted paragon of beauty, but with a spiritual flair. Moreover, in this case, producers and sellers of bohemian fashion and boho clothing will want you to advertise them…

Example: post your photo in your underwear (do not forget to gather your stomach carefully in) taken from your best camera angle that provides favorable publicity, and add a caption: “You are all beautiful, remember this! Accept yourself, love yourself, be yourself! Love is all around you!” And stuff like that. You can spice it up with the story of how you did not accept yourself some time ago but now there is only love and harmony you show to the world, and you would want to share it with everyone.

Here is a perfect example of an advertising photo description:


It is obligatory to be in a good physical shape. Otherwise, there will be no beautiful photos of you in a bikini. After all, you are also a model. Therefore, sport is a must. But do not advertise your weight-room or cross-fit workouts. Tell them you do yoga only! It is desirable that you do some fashionable kind of yoga. You are not required to really do it, but pictures of you in asanas or meditation poses in front of the ocean or the jungle are to be in place ... well, you understand)) Who needs your meditation if your followers do not see it?

A female character, whose photographs I use in this publication for illustrations, is clearly into sports this way and is faithful in the performance of these duties:

Or you can just sit cross-legged surrounded by pleasant nature views...

Dress Code

Based on the previous section, you apparently have already realized that the fewer clothes you have on, the better. Because it really means... the maximal spirituality. Or alternatively, you can put a naturalness spin on your story. The best dress code for a photo is to pose wearing just panties. But it’s important not to forget about hippie flair. Accessorize your undies outfit with a matching floppy hat, bracelets, a belt and boots and this is your work attire. Cover your breasts with long curly hair. Long curly hair is also obligatory.


Vegan, raw, healthy, and stuff like that. Green smoothies, raw versions of popular dishes, superfoods, no gluten, no lactose, and no other enemies of a Really Healthy Nutrition. Write complex and obscured words, which use is confined to the vegan and raw foodist community as if these words mean something self-evident and obvious.

Example: “I start every morning with 108 cycles of Surya Namaskar and a green smoothie, it charges me with energy like no sort of coffee, I feel how the vital forces of nature fill every cell of mine and I do not know how to start my day in a different way”.


Obviously, these are also required—sea, mountains, jungle, closer to nature and tons of photographs.
Ideally, your boyfriend or husband must be your photographer, and then you will be able, in general, to streamline all processes.
Boho outfits and photos in undies are obligatory either.

Other hobbies

Your hobbies must include reading books (not Facebook feeds), retro music, folk, new age, tribal of any kind, and meditation, enlightenment and so on.

Why do they do that?

Well, at least to feed their ego with this popularity (after all, if one does everything according to this plan, one can guaranteedly become popular among those, who personally have never seen this Bali, I mean apart from these pictures). However, you can also make money by advertising, delivering training courses, selling your masterpieces, jewelry, and clothes ... There are many options.

E.g., these artworks are sold for 2.5 thousand dollars. And all depends on smart framing…


From time to time, I meet them in a real life—those who are unachievably delicate and beautiful in the Instagram. All about love, beauty, happiness, and freedom. Serene yoga gurus, who shout at their children so loud that their voices rattle the windows in the house. Haunting fairies, who discuss and judge everyone not as fantabulous as they are, and who curse and use many expletives. They deliver weight-loss training courses telling its attendees about how disgusting it is to be fat and what an incredible happiness is to be thin, but at that, in a real life, they represent a tangle of uncertainty, nerves, and fears.

Do not envy anyone and do not worry that you are not so beautiful inside and out, believe me, everything tends to be not what it seems.

All the photos for this post are from the Instagram of Sally Mustang.
She does not live on the island, but her photographs are the most representative of this goddess syndrome.

I bet you know at least a dozen more of such examples. So much the same that you do not immediately realize that this may be a different person…


Publication in Russian is available at http://varka.livejournal.com/546324.html
Translated by Elena Sanotskaya