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Oleg Flow


Malibu, California, USA

A native of Ukraine, Oleg has been practising and teaching yoga for 18 years. He began as a child, taking classes from his mother. He has completed internationally in swimming, judo, and taekwondo. He received his first yoga certificate from Yoga Federation of USSR.

Since 1993 he has been a certified yoga teacher of TriYoga International, teaching yoga at International Yoga conferences and conventions, giving private and group classes in countries across the globe including Spain, Israel, China, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, Egypt and Russia.
Oleg is offering Individual classes in Malibu and Los Angeles for people of different age and physical capacities. Uses a lot of breathing to reduce stress and to rejuvenate mental and emotional balance. Teachers TriYoga that is very safe for your body and effective for a long profound healthy life.  
Now Oleg is a lead exercise instructor at Malibu Beach Recovery Center for Alcohol and Drug Addiction. In the Center they have a very effective and unique program for treating addiction which incorporates yoga-based breathing exercises.

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