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Love Will Rescue You - by Danny Paradise & Matthew Kelly

A Documentary Poem for Children of the Forest

This animated film and Documentary Poem produced by Matthew Kelly and Danny Paradise to Danny's song 'Love Will Rescue You' illustrates the reality of child trafficking in NW Thailand near the Burmese Border (And other regions throughout the world). Tens of thousands of stateless, impoverished, displaced and homeless Mon and Karen tribal children are at risk of being kidnapped for forced labor or prostitution. However in the forest of Sangkhlaburi near the Thai/Burma border is a beautiful bamboo village called 'Children of the Forest' where hundreds of these children are cared for, protected, educated, housed, fed and healed from their traumas in a spirit of love, compassion and tenderness.  

An International team of artists, animators, musicians, film makers & cinematographers came together to create this animated film - A Documentary Poem.  World renowned musicians perform on the recording and one of the world's greatest animators - Céu D'Ellia of Brazil - did extraordinary work in expressing the dangerous realities these children face throughout many countries. The power of love can bring healing in the most extreme circumstances. Daniel Hopson created 'Children Of The Forest' (www.childrenoftheforest.org) over 10 years ago. Until the corruption and complicity of authorities and local criminal networks can be stopped the only solution is supporting and expanding places like 'Children Of The Forest' so more endangered children can be protected, cared for and educated. Providing safe havens and obtaining identity papers is essential for their well being and future.  These problems exist throughout the world. Governments must recognize that leaving these children stateless only increases the dangers they face. However raising and educating endangered children in the spirit of Love only empowers them to help create a better world. Matthew and Mary Kelly and Amicus Foundation have supported Children of the Forest over the last 10 years and funded the animated film to Danny's recording. For more info or direct donations see: childrenoftheforest.org Please share widely.