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Shaiva Guru Shri Chandrashekhara Mahaswamiji in North Goa, 16-17 february 2014

Vira Shaiva tradition
Ilya Zhuravlev

Dear friends ! Unique spiritual teacher of ancient Saivite school, arrives in North Goa for a short visit . Good chance to meet Veera Shaiva tradition (one of the 6 main schools of Saivism ) and communicate with one of the Jagat Gurus.

Details :

Shri 1008 Jagadguru Dr. Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Mahaswamiji (Head of Jangamvadi Math, Varanasi, India ) One of the main Gurus of Vira Shaiva Sampradaya.

You can get acquainted with the philosophy, spiritual practices and forms of yoga in the one of the ancient Vedic teachings - Saivism. Will recievet blessing (transmition, diksha ) on Shiva mantras. Serious seakers who ready for every day practice could get full initiation to Vira Shaiva school by authentic teacher.


February 16 , 2014 .  18.30

Vira Saivism origins. Key ideas . The laws of karma and reincarnation. Nature of God : personal and impersonal aspects. Nature of the material energy. Nature of the soul: the stages of the evolution of consciousness. Purpose of human life (dharma ). Doctrine of Saivism in comparison to other Indian schools - yoga of Patanjali, Advaita Vedanta and others. Basic texts of tradition. Vira Saivism as a spiritual path. Yoga as a relationship with God through action (karma yoga), thought forms (mantra yoga) and knowledge (Jnana Yoga ). Goals and methods. Meaning of particular methods and practices. Alignment: look at the nature of the universe, the nature of the soul and God. Doctrine of cessation of rebirth. Steps on the path to God. Features and spiritual practices of each of the stages. Source of spiritual strength (8 Avaranas). Shiva yoga as bhakti, jnana yoga and mantra. Lifestyle, vows, details of practice. Shiva Puja - the main form of Shiva worship, meaning and symbolism of the traditional ritual.

February 17, 18.30

Shiva Puja , individual mantra transmission (mantra diksha).

Within 2 days of the program you will be able to attend the ritual worship of Shiva.

Location : Vedic Valley, Morjim (near Arambol )
how to get : vedicvalley.in

Entrance fee - free donation.

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