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Canadian bhajans from South India

Free kirtan Worldwide, issue 1

It wasn`t for nothing, after all, that I overpaid for a Sony recorder in one hot Thailand town. More than once it proved to be handy to enrich your musical outlook, my dear readers. Perhaps it will brighten up endless hours spent in traffic jams (which of course refers to the readers of big city`s, whose karma includes such vairagya-bringing phenomenon as everlasting traffic jams).
In Mysore, in a Gokulam district, where the yogashala of Pattabhi Jois is situated, there are hangout places for Western yoga students, little cafes, with a more sattvic and cleaner food service, compared to local Indian restaurants. There is a place – ‘french café’, not far from ‘coconut stand’, for those of you who knows. And that is where I drove in one day on my Bajaj Pulsar to listen to a kirtan. Soloist was a cool girl named Jenny Suchitra Pritchard, a yoga teacher from Canada, she definitely sang with a spark. The second girl, Samia, looked more like an American Indian with a stern expression on her face and had a clear taste for Tibetan themes. Indian guy Ganesh played tabla rather well and another Western gentlemen played acoustic bass guitar. In general, the evening was in the intimate and sattvic apmosphere.

With the kind permission of the performers - download and listen (125 mb)
And if you happen to be in Canadian town Victoria (near Vancouver) you are welcome to come to Jenny`s yoga class theyogashala.ca

Yoga Shala in Victoria

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