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Raw Carroty Pulp Wraps Recipe

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Maria Saraeva

Those who like making fresh juices have probably been amazed at how much pulp is left over after putting a few fruit or vegetables through the juicer. We like carrot juice so we often make it. However, the question is, what can we do with all those solid left-overs? I have thought what a shame it is to have to waste all that healthy food.

Recently we have more or less become raw foodies. So no cooked carrot recipes are welcome. I have decided to create some new recipe. And you know this’s been a success! The recipe is simple, as per my own taste, so feel free to flavor it as you wish. Or, you can follow my lead, and make this very recipe of those delightful raw carrot pulp wraps.

All-veggie wraps (for raw foodies)

There will be no proportions – use your kitchen intuition (as I used mine)!

Add almonds chopped in a coffee grinder into your carrot pulp, then add a little of talkan (made from germinated barley grains), a pinch of black salt, finely chopped dill and pine nut paste. (I also added some carrot juice, and I thought that wraps would be dry).

Veggie stuffing: sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and avocado, if any (but even without avocado, these wraps turn out to be delicious).
Use a cutting board and lay a special bamboo mat flat on it. Then take a piece of the sushi seaweed (nori) and lay it on the mat and then a lettuce leaf on the top of it, and then place on it a lot of carrot pulp and slices of the vegetables mentioned above. Flavor it with black salt if you like it salty. And wrap tightly in a roll. I have also wrapped each wrap in rice paper (30 seconds pre-soaked in water) on the outside.

Every ingredient is available at any grocery. You can use a knife wetted with water or soy sauce to cut bigger wraps into smaller pieces / rolls.
Dip rolls into soy sauce (Kikkoman is our favorite but I think it is most likely not a raw foodie’s one, so the next time I’ll write down a raw foodie sauce recipe) and enjoy!
Yum yum!!! And the most important thing for me is that these wraps are irresistible to my younger son although he does not like eating regular green salad, he craved these wraps.

By the way, if you do not have carrot pulp, grated or puréed carrot also goes perfect for those rolls.
Bon appetite!