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Yoga is a labour

A real yogi should not work
Mikhail Baranov

 A real yogi has no problems, the only that he has are affects that arise from time to time and disappear.

Let’s take work, for example. A real yogi should not work because it is sadhana that is his job (and it’s clear enough that he should get offerings for that).

But nobody pays for sadhana. And what should a real yogi do when he gets a toothache? It means that he is not a real yogi. Real yogis never have a toothache, when you have no teeth nothing aches. What for does he need teeth? Whom should he bite with them?

He being established in ahimsa does not even bite his nails, not speaking about his tongue constantly kept in khechari mudra. For such yogis, food, if they need it at all, is chewed by their real devotees, or at least it is grinded with a ritual blender. Most of the time real yogis prefer to spend in an ashram, closer to nature, where there is no electricity, and sooner or later they get tired.

And that’s when a yogi gets an offering – a titanium denture. Light, modern, practical, meeting all requirements of biomechanics, it is the best present for a birthday. You can crack nuts with it, use it as a puncher, scare monkeys biting the baskets through and have it your own way – it will serve without wear.