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This article is about ways of mastering and proper alignment of Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose.
Eduard Kushnir teaches yoga in Kishinev (Moldova).

Gert van Leeuwen (Amsterdam) over the last 35 years has been working on a new style of yoga, which he calls "Critical Alignment Yoga". Two years ago, he published in the Netherlands four hundred page book on his method.

With unpretentious "infographic" and a selection of photos show us the steps of performing backbends that will help you to involve the most rigid part of the back for most people - between T10 and L4. As well as to use in bending forward the area of the vertebrae L5-S1, where most people have tendency for compression.

Karana Krama as part of the practice of hatha yoga has nothing to do with the aesthetics of Indian dance and the practice of martial arts, but the basic movements are borrowed from preparatory techniques of Indian dancers, Kalaripayattu and contemporary Australian teachers of hatha yoga Sandor Remete (Shadow Yoga) and Simon Borg-Olivier (Yoga Synergy)

In this article she describes her visit to one Bikram Yoga studio in Moscow. The aim of the visit was to personally experience this methodology and make comments on the effectiveness of this type of practice.

Utthita trikonasana is often taught as simple posture but it can be confusing to beginners and even teachers. If done incorrectly it can be at best ineffective and at worse dangerous for your knees and lower back. In this article we present instructions that make your body ‘Firm but calm’ (sthira sukham asanam) and while creating strength without tension and flexibility without painful stretching.

Traction techniques play an important role in yoga therapy of spine disorders, especially of intervertebral herniation. The term of “traction” means the process of stretching or impacting the spine (or a separate segment of musculoskeletal apparatus) by means of two forces acting in opposite directions. 

The method of Universal Yoga by Andrey Lappa offers a variety of asanas for the arms, which included in the regular practice can restore the balance in the body. If one includes these asanas in his practice the feeling of development throughout the body will become more even after such practice.

​Though the essence of all living beings is identical in the face of the Absolute, but true individuality of each creation and the way inherent only to it demand a variety of ways for comprehension…

In 1998 in Moscow during one seminar one yoga teacher, quite famous nowdays, but that time hardly anyone had heard about him, announced on his first class that he was going to teach one “secret Hindu technique, that gets you high as a good grass” but without bad influence on brain cells and liver – “and no addiction!”