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All the vessels in our circulation system are arranged in somewhat the same and somewhat completely different way. Common for all the vessels is the fact that the vascular wall consists of three layers: an outer connective layer, delimiting the vessel from surrounding tissues and providing elasticity of the vessel, a middle layer, muscular, that allows the vessel to contract and relax, changing its tone and diameter, and inner endothelium, which plays an important role in permeability of the vascular wall and its interaction with blood cells.

The practice of dynamic exercise set "Surya Namaskar" (Sun Salutation) is presented in every hatha yoga school. And in every style it is marked by its own peculiarities. Even though you can not find these exercises in the yogic scriptures of Middle ages (there are only Sun Salutation mantras described in Puranas but no dynamic asana sets), they are likely to have existed for quite a long time, serving as a perfect warmer before asana practice.

The wrist consists of eight bones, arranged in two adjacent rows. The lower row bones are connected with the metacarpal bones and the upper row bones are connected with the forearm bones, respectively, thus forming the wrist joint, surrounded by a complex ligament apparatus. The main function of the joint is adduction (palm up) and abduction (palm down) as well as flexion and extension of a wrist up and down.

There are times in a life of a woman, when she has to fulfill the mission entrusted to her by nature. And as a conscious being, she has to perform it with utmost responsibility.

“Prana” is “a primary vital energy” (has Sanskrit root “Ana” meaning “to revive, to vibrate” and prefix “pra” meaning “primary, standing ahead”).

It's not a secret that the main thing in yoga practice is your own inner work, awareness of everything that happens inside while one's body performs this or that posture. But it's always interesting to see what the others can do with their bodies. 

Commonly, yoga practitioners, as well as most people, start paying serious attention to their spine only after a visit to a radiotherapist. Mesmerized by the X-ray pictures of their necks, they quizzically palpate them and learn a lot of new and frightening expressions, like protrusion, spondylosis, osteochondrosis… Moreover, they start intimidating their mums, dads and pals with these words. Here are some simple measures that won’t let such cases to dilute your yogic serenity.

Surya Namaskar - Yoga108 / Author`s version by Mikhail Baranov. Demonstartion: M.Baranov and Natasha ChalovaYOGA108 Moscow center.

Filmed in Gokarna, Honey Beach, India, 2012.

Asana-krama exercise explanation for beginners.